The Muffin Man

Apple Muffin
Apparently I'm the Muffin Man
I don't live on Drury Lane
But when faced with mounds of baked goods
I choose the muffin...again

Apparently I'm the Muffin Man
I'm not a fan of change
So when there are no muffins
It causes me some strain

I know that I'm the Muffin Man
And what you might not see
I find a comfort in consistency
That soothes anxiety.

Untitled Winter Verse

There's a harsh beauty in her
her fairer sister can never hope to possess.
It can't be replicated 
only worn in over time 
like a fine patina
Stews of rich red wine with 
musky herbs of depth and desire 
added slowly over time

A beauty that creeps on you 
like a dreich November fog
Settling the silence of a soft Sunday lie in.

Tea, toast and icy cuddles

(image by dark777fairy)

Life’s gift

No morals
No sense of right or wrong
No concept of race
No religion
No beliefs of any kind
No team or tribe
No favourite colour (mine is green)
No spelling for colo(u)r
No love
No hate
No pride
No prejudice
No expectations or aspirations

Just life for the living.

Good Night Sleep

It's 7pm and all's not well
We hoped tonight that you'd sleep....well
now the clock says half past 8
And your still in an awful state

It's 10pm and all's not well
Even the neighbours can tell
That your not happy and don't want sleep
And your groaning is piercing deep

It's the witching hour and all's not well
Your cryings really hard to quell
It's quickly turning into screaming
But your eyes are closed, are you dreaming?

It's 2am and all's not well
There really is an awful smell
I guess I'll have to change your bum
Maybe i should ask your mum

It's 3am and all's not well
You settled for a little spell
But feline squabbles over scraps
Woke you feels pure crap

It's 4am and all's not well
I'm trying to stifle a yell
Told you to shhhh it's time to sleep
You shhhh'd me back and threw your sheep

It's 5am and all is well
we survived another night in hell
Time to nap and get a fix
Shame we have to get up at 6.

(image by brokendeathangel)